FUN FACT: My parents named me Julia after the Beatles song that John Lennon wrote for his mother Julia Lennon. I started going by Jules more over time until it felt like my name in college. I wanted a fresh start after high school, and I got it. 

Little Hippie

flower child

I spent four wonderful years in Boone, NC studying Commercial Photography and Entrepreneurial Studies at Appalachian State University. I graduated spring 2021!! 

Ya girl knew she was west-ward bound after living the first 18 years in a small town outside of Raleigh, NC. App-State was everything I looked forward to in high school. 

It was my time in the Blue Ridge Mountains that I fell in love with all things outdoors. Backpacking, hiking, driving the Blue Ridge Parkway, frolicking through fields with friends, sunny days at Kidd Brewer Stadium, snowboarding, cliff jumping, and urban exploring. I tried to constantly be outside.


The summer before my freshman year I spent a lot of time researching the area and making a bucket-list of places I wanted to see, and I did almost everything on that list and then some.

roll neers

If you couldn't tell I am a huge EXTROVERT. I am a tribe person. I love having a strong sense of community. Life is all about the journey and the people you meet along the way. My friends would describe me as:
"magnetic, genuine, bold, adventurous, inviting, joyous, radiant, eclectic, loud, and a great terrible dancer."


"your vibe attracts your tribe"

There are many things I am proud of and the first is to be a Wrenn. My parents are two creative, free-spirited, rock-n-roll souls that are WAY cooler than I ever will be. My brother is my concert partner, best friend, and the only person that can make me laugh the way he does.