Booking a photographer is an INVESTMENT. It is so important you choose this person with great consideration. 

LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS... TO book your dream session or plan your big day!! I am here to help anyway that I can.

Someone hear the
elephant in the room?

money money money

Believe me, I wish we were talking about Mamma Mia & ABBA

Things to Consider


Do you trust their professional opinion to make on the fly decisions? Do you trust that they're charging you accurately, that you're getting your money's worth.

Every photoshoot is different and every couple is different. If you like a particular shoot let them know and why! What do you like about their body of work as a whole?

When the big day comes I can guarantee that you will see more of your photographer than ANYONE else. Do you like this person? Is this someone you can see making your BIG day better, going with YOUR flow as a caterer to YOU? 





These are starting prices.
Packages are customizable.

$175 - 30 mins
$250 - 1 hour

$275 - 30 mins
$350 - 1 hour

Packages Vary

Contact for more info.

$175 - 30 mins
$250 - 1 hour




-Graduation Pictures
-Bridal Portraits

20% Retainer

-30 Minutes, one outfit, one location. (20-25 Images)
-1 hour, two outfits, two Locations, (50-55 Images)

-30 minutes, one outfit, one location. (30-35 Images)
-1 hour, two outfits, two locations, (60-65 Images)
-Bottle of Champagne
-One 8.5 x 11 Print

Weddings & Elopements

Second Shooter

just a fancy word for best friend

Carlee and I met in college at Appalachian State University while getting our degrees. We had art and photography classes together starting in 2018. After school we both moved to the Raleigh area and have been absolutely inseparable. She is my GO-TO gal for everything. I promise you'll love her as much as I do!!!

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